When Andrew Garfield was cast as Spider-Man, Joe Jonas stated he was “destroyed” since he had been “really enthusiastic” to play the role.

Joe Jonas talks candidly about one particular audition that did not result in him being given the job. The 33-year-old actor said that he had tried out for the character of Peter Parker in the 2012 picture The Amazing Spider-Man, a part that finally went to Andrew Garfield.

The actor is getting ready for the premiere of his next movie Devotion. On this week’s episode of the Just for Variety podcast, Joe stated, “I remember years ago I was up for Spider-Man and I was so, so pleased, and it was the year Andrew Garfield won it.”

He said, “Clearly, he was the correct one.” Speaking candidly about getting the position despite auditioning, Joe remarked, “At the moment, you’re defeated or shattered.

But you see that this individual was quite intelligent. Joe also acknowledged that the artist believed the filmmaker, Marc Webb, a music video director, would be on his side. Going back for callbacks, though, I recall being a huge deal at the time.

I was like, “I got an in here,” since the filmmaker has previously directed music videos. But you know what? The Grammy nominee stated, “I enjoy the process of auditioning, putting yourself out there, and having to prove yourself.

When pressed further, Joe muttered, “No, although I’m sure I had one that I would try on periodically back in the day,” in response to the question of whether the singer would don a Spiderman outfit.

Joe also acknowledged that, despite the fact that music has been his first love, the epidemic has forced him to forgo touring over the previous three years.

He had plenty of time during this era to hone his acting abilities. The actor Sophie Turner, who plays Sophie Turner on Game of Thrones, and the singer’s wife both gave him a lot of support in this matter.

You have to perform at your absolute best when your wife, the wonderful actress Sophie Turner, is the one shooting and directing you.