The open-world multiplayer mobile game Vice Online was funded with $3 million by the Ukrainian game creators Jarvi Games.

Although Jarvi Games has a legal basis in Cyprus, its 30-person development team is split between Lviv, Ukraine, and Warsaw, Poland.

According to Dmitry Burns, cofounder, and chief product officer of Jarvi Games, the business was situated in Kharkiv until being forced to relocate because of the conflict with Russia.

Vice Online’s debut in open beta mode last summer in Turkey and Brazil has since generated over eight million downloads. On certain days, the Vice Online app was the most downloaded app in Brazil, averaging 250,000 organic downloads daily and supporting 40,000 concurrent users at its peak.

The Games Fund and Velo Partners joined Play Ventures in the round as participants. Alexander Lysenko, Ihor Lysenko, and Serhii Hrynenko, three seasoned developers, helped Burnos launch the business in 2021.

They previously worked for Voodoo and Lion Studios in the hypercasual games industry. The founders are young, aspiring Ukrainian game developers.

We’re thrilled to provide our support to Jarvi Games’ skilled crew. They have a great deal of drive and commitment to developing innovative mobile gaming experiences.

We are pleased to work with Vice Online to continue transforming the studio into a major force in the mobile gaming industry since we think the studio has the potential to become a massive hit on a worldwide scale.

The Games Fund contributed $50000 to Jarvi Games’ pre-seed round last year. We are overjoyed that eminent foreign investors believe in and support our mission.

We are dedicated to taking risks and developing novel ideas since we perceive a significant opportunity in the multiplayer gaming market.

We at Jarvi Games are brimming with innovative concepts, zeal, and resolve to usher in a new age of multiplayer experiences in the mobile gaming industry. Despite the conflict in Ukraine, they also have a strong desire to create games and convey joy.