Bob Saget, an actor, passed away nine months ago. Bob’s wife Kelly Rizzo posted a touching tribute to him on Instagram on Sunday.

She commented on the nine months following Bob’s unexpected death at age 65, “It feels like forever and also one day all at the same time.”

She continued, “I enjoy looking back on these recordings to realize how much pleasure, hilarity, laughter, and love we shared.

According to Rizzo, there is still a “There is a “palpable hole where he used to be,” but “there are days that are lighter now too,” the author continued. However, he also left behind SO much love and laughter that it still feels as though he is here and present. Everything is extremely mysterious.”

She posted a video of her and her spouse competing in a couple’s challenge alongside the remark.

Internet users were moved to tears by Kelly’s message.

“I cried after reading this. I’m very sorry; keep your head up, someone commented on social media.

You are such a powerful woman, a different individual commented.

When Bob was discovered unconscious in his Orlando hotel room on January 9, 2022, he was 65 years old. While touring the region with comedy gigs, he was lodging in the city. Following a fall and head injury, the medical examiner came to the conclusion that Saget died.

2018 saw the marriage of Kelly and Bob. There are three daughters from his former marriage to Sherri Kramer, which lasted from 1982 until 1997.