Robbie Coltrane, a co-star in the Harry Potter films with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, received tributes. Emma asserted that “there was no finer Hagrid,” while Daniel referred to him as “a fantastic performer.”

In honor of his late co-star Robbie Coltrane, actor Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter in the Harry Potter films, has released a statement. According to a statement, Daniel referred to Robbie Coltrane as “one of the funniest individuals” he had ever met and said he felt “extremely blessed” to have worked with him. Additionally, he discussed a situation that occurred during the making of the Prisoner of Azkaban. Robbie and Daniel co-starred in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 2001 when Daniel was 11 years old.

At the age of 72, Robbie passed away on Friday night. He was most remembered for his role as the kind-hearted half-giant Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter films. He passed away at a Scottish hospital, according to Belinda Wright, his agent. In just one of many praises she gave him, she described him as “forensically clever” and “brilliantly humorous.”

Daniel’s response, which EW cited, was that “Robbie was one of the funniest individuals I’ve known and used to keep us laughing continuously as kids on the set. On Prisoner of Azkaban, when we were all hiding in Hagrid’s hut for hours from the heavy downpour, I have very great recollections of him keeping our spirits high.

He did this by making jokes and sharing anecdotes to lighten the mood. I feel tremendously fortunate to have known him and to have worked with him, and I’m also devastated by his passing. Both a kind man and a fantastic performer, he.”

Emma Watson, who played the Harry Potter character, Hermione, also paid tribute to Robbie on her Instagram Stories. She published a picture of the pair from the Return to Hogwarts reunion episode.

As Emma noted, “May Robbie Coltrane rest in peace. Robbie was the most entertaining uncle I’ve ever had, but he also showed me a lot of love and sympathy both as a child and an adult. He could fill any area with his brilliance, therefore it only seemed right that he portrayed a giant.”

She continued by saying, “Robbie, I swear I’ll do it in your honor and memory if I ever get the chance to be so wonderful as you were to me on a film set.” Please know how much I love and respect you. I’ll greatly miss your warmth, kindness, jokes, nicknames, hugs, and laughter. You united us as one. You were that to us, you know. No Hagrid was better than he was. You made being Hermione enjoyable.”