When questioned, representatives for Brad Pitt declined to speak more. Brad Pitt’s lawyer did not make clear which details of Angelina Jolie’s narrative Pitt disputes and which he accepts responsibility for.

According to Brad Pitt’s attorney, he has accepted responsibility for his real conduct but not for parts of his ex-wife Angelina Jolie’s account that are untrue, and he will continue to reply in court to her claims that he strangled one of their children and physically attacked her on a flight in 2016.

Pitt’s attorney, Anne Kiley, released a statement in which she said: “Brad has owned everything he’s accountable for from day one — unlike the other side – but he won’t be held accountable for something he didn’t accomplish. He has been the target of every form of personal assault and fabrication.

The comment came in reaction to a court file made public by Jolie on Tuesday, in which she claimed that he had seized her by the head and shaken her before choking one of their six children and striking another when they tried to defend her. A legal dispute over a French winery that the two co-owned led to the filing.

When approached for any comment, reps declined. Kiley did not explain which details of Jolie’s narrative Pitt disputes and which he accepts responsibility for.

Pitt was not charged by the FBI or the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. They were also discussed during evidence at the couple’s divorce trial when a judge determined Jolie and Pitt should share custody 50/50. That verdict was reversed, though, when an appeals court determined that the judge was unqualified.

Thankfully, Kiley’s stated, “the many governmental authorities the opposing side has sought to use against him over the previous six years have made their own independent determinations.” “Brad will continue to answer in court as he has done in the past.”