According to Henry Cavill’s announcement, the Man of Steel 2 sequel would not feature him as Superman. James Gunn and Peter Safran were present for their encounter.

Following the cancellation of his Superman comeback by the new DC management, Henry Cavill has published a letter. He said in it that he was informed not to wear the crimson cape once more at a meeting with directors James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Sharing the message, he said, “I just met with James Gunn and Peter Safran and I have some awful news, everyone. I won’t be coming back as Superman, after all.

This news isn’t the best, but that’s life, and the studio ordered me to announce my comeback back in October before they were hired.

There is a guard change that takes place. I value it. A universe has to be created by James and Peter. I send them and everyone else participating in the new world my warmest wishes for happiness and luck.

For those who have been by my side throughout the years, we can grieve for a while, but after that, we must keep in mind that Superman is still alive.

The things he stands for and the examples he gives us are still in place! Although it’s no longer my turn to don the cape, Superman’s ideals never fade.

Onward and upwards, it’s been a great journey with you all. In the most recent DC movie, Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson, Henry last appeared as Superman.

Fans are anticipating more future appearances of Superman after he appeared in a post-credit sequence for the film. Additionally, Dwayne recently claimed in a tweet that the studio “inexplicably and inexcusably” did not want to bring Henry back, but he was not willing to accept no for an answer, so his crew set to work.

In terms of getting Henry Cavill back, this has been years in the making, and years of strategic discussions have gone into it. We were not going to accept a no as an answer.

With the most potent force and the greatest superhero of all time watching from the sidelines, there was no manner and no sane way to seek to expand the DC Universe. It cannot be done.

That is why, Henry Cavill, we battled so hard to bring Superman back; by the way, there was no other Superman to bring back. The finest Superman of our time, in my opinion, is Henry Cavill.

I say that in a kind manner toward the other performers, notably Christopher Reeve. DC has canceled the third film in the Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman series, which starred Gal Gadot.