Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s release has given trainers all over the world access to a large number of new Pokemon to catch and train.

One of the new Pokemon, Cetitan, a Terra Whale, may have aroused fans’ interest when it first appeared in an earlier trailer.

One of the game’s early trailers revealed Cetitan, which has already established itself as one of the most distinctive and cutting-edge designs introduced in the new generation.

The pre-evolved form of the new creature, Cetoddle, surprised many trainers even though many had heard about it for a while.

Given this, a lot of players could discover that it’s simpler to discover and evolve Cetoddle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet than it is to merely locate a Cetitan.

However, both are present in the same region of Paldea. Knowing where to find them may help you save a lot of time, whether you want to utilize them in your combat team or the trainers only want to add them to their Pokedex.

Finding Scarlet and Violet’s new Whale Pokemon: The Hunt for Cetitan and Cetoddle

Since both of them in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have the pure Ice type, it makes sense that they would show up in places where there is a lot of snow.

Players can only discover snow on Glaseado Mountain in the Paldea area. It might be challenging to discover a means to achieve these heights given the wide variety of movement options accessible to trainees.

Fortunately, there are a few ways for trainers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to climb the sizable, cold mountain. Using Koraidon or Miraidon is the first—and possibly the best—way to ascend the mountain. By eliminating numerous titans, trainers may equip their rideable partners to handle any terrain.

The upgrade that enables one of the rideable Legendaries to climb walls can only be unlocked by Trainers by defeating the False Dragon Titan.

This titan is meant to be fought last in order to be the strongest of the lot, therefore players that chose it should be aware of that.

The player’s partner can ascend once more after completing the task.

A family of Cetoddle will soon be encountered by trainers if they climb the mountain on the Tagtree Thicket side after acquiring this skill. The group of whale Pokemon may be lucky enough to have a Cetitan keeping an eye on them. Other ways to get Cetoddle’s evolution are available if not. Players can of course also create their own evolutions.

In addition, a cave entrance leading north of Medali leads to Glaseado Mountain. Those who use this method might not even need to defeat any of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s titans in order to see one because Cetoddle can also be found close to the cave’s entrance.

An Ice Stone is needed if you’d rather evolve a Cetoddle than catch a Cetitan. On the ground, these things can be discovered in little shimmering spots. Exclusively the dazzling spots dot Glaseado Mountain’s icy slope, where Ice Stones are only found.