Despite not feeling like a “Rockstar,” Post Malone has the charisma of one.

According to a fan-shot video of the performance posted on social media, the Grammy-nominated artist, who is now on his “Twelve Carat” tour, fell onstage during a performance in St. Louis, Missouri, on Saturday after tripping over a hole in the stage. He received a rib injury as a result.

Kelly Manno, a TikTok user who was present at the event, said that Malone was “In too much pain to even leave the stage.

” The TikTok user said, “After approximately 8 to 10 minutes, they were able to raise him up and bring him off stage.

Malone eventually didn’t lose a beat in spite of the glitch. After returning to the stage, Malone “apologized to the fans for sabotaging the concert,” “someone throws him a drink, he takes a large sip of it,” and then “he concluded his setlist.”

Malone addressed the incident in a video that was shared on Twitter on Sunday and thanked followers “for the patience.”

Malone responded, “I’m grateful you put up with my stupid (crap).” “The guitar is always on the guitar stand when we perform the acoustic portion of the act, and when it falls, there is a huge (expletive) hole. I whirl around and bust out an obscenity after turning the corner.”

Malone claimed after leaving the hospital that despite the fall “winding me pretty well,” “everything’s okay.”

The rapper declared, “They gave me some pain medication and everything so we can keep kicking (expletive) on the tour.” Just wanted to say thank you for coming to the performance and apologies to everyone in St. Louis.

The rapper’s condition was also updated early on Sunday by Malone’s management Dre London.

“We appreciate all of the kind words, everyone. Thankfully, Post Malone didn’t break three ribs last night “London put pen to paper. The X-rays we took at the hospital following the incident showed that he had rib bruising! Post ended the program in typical Posty style, showing his love for his audience! He is the only artist like his that I know.”