Finally, Charli D’Amelio responded to her ex Chase Hudson’s popular TikTok song about her. What she really likes about Huddy’s song?

To her ex’s most recent diss song, Charli D’Amelio is replying.

The popular TikTok user, at last, responded to Chase Hudson’s hit song, “All The Things I Hate About You,” which was made popular after she unveiled her new relationship with Landon Barker.

How did Charli respond to the stern message? She makes the decision to take the compliment. She noted in an edition of the BFFs podcast with Josh Richards, Bri Chickenfry, and Dave Portnoy on October 5 that “I love that people think about me enough to make songs about me.”

Huddy appears to criticize the social media star in the song, calling her “a showstopper, poor liar, buddy hopping, and drama maker.” He also seems to claim that Charli stabbed him “like nothing” in the back.

While Charli appeared to be quite pleased with her response to the song, Dixie D’Amelio displayed other emotions. She replied to Charli’s statements, “Oh goodness.” You’ll rue your response, I can tell.

Charlie, 18, insisted on her position despite the fact that her sister didn’t appear to agree with it. Charlie stated, “I’m content with my life right now, and I don’t regret anything that has occurred.

The D’Amelio sisters are still the closest to one another. Charli held out her palm to demonstrate how much it was trembling despite her assurance that she wasn’t as scared as she had first said.

In December 2019, Charli and Chase began to develop feelings for one another. However, it wasn’t until April 2020 that the two made their separation plans official.

Since the two confirmed their romance in July 2022, TikToker has started dating Landon.