The online marketplace for entertainment professionals revealed the completion of a $1.8 million pre-seed round of fundraising for app expansion and development.

The new phase, which highlights the enormous efforts made towards the app’s innovation, will represent a critical turning point since the app’s release.

The entertainment industry’s leaders and creators can use the business marketplace app tap. The app was developed to meet the demands of budding artists, movie financiers, and entertainment industry professionals to connect with reliable productions and experts.

The unique artificial intelligence system is the first of its type and reduces costs, time, and effort by 420%. Opportunity is crucial in the dynamic industry of entertainment.

With the use of tools like a tap, we can all achieve our goals in one spot. I choose to put money into the tap. Because this platform is innovative and, in my opinion, one of the most dependable and sustainable tools that will quickly become the norm in our sector in the very near future.

The ability of both large and small production studios to network, schedule the complete cast and crew, and handle all discussions and documents without ever leaving the app is what makes it special. This is made possible by the IP-secured features of the program.

The money spent on the app will assist with the following:

  • Advance the company’s production strategy by working with ongoing productions at Marvel DC, HBO, Disney, Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, CBS, CNN, Warner Brothers, and more.
  • Train, speed up and use machine learning technologies.
  • Make new items available on the market.

Transformers actor and tap. Investor and Advisor, Remi Adeleke, says, “As a filmmaker, I’m excited to watch how to tap. Storms Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood, and another film/tv sectors.”

The CEO of Artists Housing and tap Investor and Advisor, Kelvn Zuma, stated that the “film and music business definitely need this.” “AI to best match jobs overcomes industrial barriers. For our renters, tap. Has already been shown to be fantastic.

On the West Coast, Artist Housing is the largest housing facility for artists. According to tap Founder & CEO Jean-Que Dar, “We are excited to expand our network of supporters around the tap. app through the most recent funding round, which will enable us to execute our strategic company objectives, drive impact within the tech and entertainment industry, as well as scale our operations.

“At tap., we think that job success, particularly in the entertainment business, includes accessibility. By providing experts with the tools they need to create their own reliable network, we are on a road that solves the demands of our sector with the help of our investors.