Despite acknowledging that he “stepped the line,” the married Maroon 5 singer said that he “did not have an affair” with Instagram star Sumner Stroh.

Following Adam Levine’s denial of her claims that they had an extramarital affair, Instagram influencer Sumner Stroh seemed to reply on Tuesday.

Stroh said on her Instagram story, “Get this dude a dictionary.”

In a popular TikTok video that has had more than 18 million views since it was released on Monday, Maroon 5 frontwoman Adam Levine addressed the charges made by Stroh hours earlier.

Levine said in a statement that he “stepped the line” and used “bad judgment in conversing with anybody other than my wife in ANY sort of flirty manner”

Even though I didn’t have an affair, he admitted, “I crossed the line at a regretful era of my life.” “In some cases, it turned out to be unsuitable. I have brought that up and made aggressive measures to fix it with my family.

Since 2014, the singer has been wed to Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo. They have two girls who are 4 and 5 years old. They are expecting their third child, Prinsloo just revealed.

According to Stroh, she had been dating Levine for almost a year. She accused him of getting in touch with her after they broke up to inquire about naming his subsequent child after her.

The musician purported to have written DMs to her that included things like “it is genuinely amazing how fucking hot you are” and “you are 50 times hotter in person,” according to screenshots of supposed Instagram discussions that she shared.

She stated that sharing the tale with the public was not something she had ever intended to do, but she did so in response to a friend’s attempt to sell the screenshot to a tabloid.

In a subsequent video that was released on Monday, she asserted that she had taken part in the relationship because Levine had given her the idea that his marriage to Prinsloo was ended.

I assumed they were keeping it quiet to stop the unpleasant news, the woman observed. “I am aware that I am not a victim in this. It is not me who is genuinely in pain in this situation. I’m very sorry. Behati and her children are there.