Better take REVENGE on the Hamptons! Starting in 2011, fans focused on Emily Thorne’s desire for revenge and revenge when her father, David Clarke, falsely accused her of a crime she did not commit and the result of it was murder.

The four-season ABC series was inspired by Alexandre Dumas’ The Earl of Monte Cristo from 1844 and named Emily VanCamp as Emily (his real character Amanda Clarke, daughter of David) and James Tupper as David.

Upon arriving in the Hamptons, Emily plans to destroy her wealthy neighbors, the Graysons, whom she was responsible for betraying her father when she was a child.

During her plot, pretending to be a woman named Emily, she enlisted the help of Detective Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann), teamed up with her childhood best friend, Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler), and loves the challenger. . Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman).

At first glance, the storytellers do well with movies and rumors, but on screen, the cast is still close to where the series ended in 2015.

VanCamp told TheWrap in May 2015. “It’s perfect in many ways. I learned a lot.”

Some cast members, including Ashley Madekwe, Mann, Bowman, VanCamp, and Wechsler, joined in July 2018 for a pool day, inspiring many musicians to request an ABC television session. “Best ❤️”, the VanCamp student revealed the importance of this group.

Five months later, the royal couple VanCamp and Bowman, who began dating in 2011 when they met on the show, tied the knot in the Bahamas. They, their loved ones, and many former celebrities celebrated this event in December 2018. Madekwe, Wechsler, and Connor Paolo were among the guests at the ceremony and saw them partying alongside the couple’s body and every wedding weekend with photos posted on Instagram.