Protection of intellectual property rights in the sports and entertainment industries

This CLE webinar will provide IP advice to athletes, advertisers, and others in the sports and entertainment industries on how to handle major intellectual challenges. These groups will speak out against anarchy and coercion, including surveillance and self-defense, using their own unauthorized way on social media. These groups will also consider the use of trademarks, copyrights, and license agreements to protect intellectual property rights and promote the brand.



Athletes, gamers, or advertisers often use the power of IP to control the use of their images. Television stations, theaters, and content providers have their own copyrights; team members licensed their scores; each athlete records her name and surname. However, it is important to check it carefully to reduce the risk of crime and protect your reputation.

Social media users share, tweet, and post different types of IP, including popular photos, videos, and more, often without permission from the owner. Counseling will examine and protect intellectual property from infringement, but there must be a balance between prosecution and the marketing value of social media content.

Companies spend billions of dollars to get athletes and celebrities to endorse their products. Upon concluding a support and support agreement, the consultant will identify and use an action plan related to the size of the contract, special requirements, mobility and termination rights, and code of conduct.

Hear from our rights team researching intellectual property issues in sports and entertainment, as well as advice needed to protect consumer rights. During the social media exchange, the committee will focus on protecting intellectual property and copyright; media rights; support and assistance; and license terms.