Hear about tangible strategies that every advertiser can employ to make OTT a valuable part of the media mix. ‍ Driven by viewers that want to consume content, however, whenever and wherever they want it, the TV market has undergone tremendous fragmentation.

Today, TV is much more than just linear; it encompasses all premium video content across platforms, screens, and devices. With this convergence of linear and digital TV, advertisers have the potential to leverage the greatest scale and reach of all time.

The explosion of OTT streaming services is rapidly transforming TV. And while OTT has become commonplace for viewers, it’s still an emerging (albeit fast-growing) area for advertisers – especially as a tool for incremental reach and engaging with highly targeted audiences.

Questions are mounting around the best ways to leverage OTT for advertising, and perceived challenges are coming to light around everything from measurement and data to reach, frequency, and scale. Watch this webinar whose team works with thousands of advertisers across the globe each year, to learn about:

  • Top OTT factors facing our customers, including incremental reach, deduplication, performance, and reach/frequency
  • The role attribution plays in measuring and optimizing OTT for performance
  • Tangible strategies that advertisers – across the maturity curve – are employing today to make OTT a valuable part of the media mix