Product satisfaction in terms of performance, performance, and quality is a long-term challenge in product development. The close relationship between product developers, manufacturers, and engineers helps find the best planner, but the tools, data, and people connected often provide the end product, which is very dangerous. The increasing density and sophistication of products underscore the need for new products to meet the necessary product requirements and underscores the need for a test environment and best practices in many physical areas.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform transforms the product development process from a system-based approach to seamless data transfer between training courses without the need for data conversion. This leads to good working relationships optimization for all aspects of product development as well as seamless traceability of product requirements. Fast planners are tested with the magical power of a range of physics as well as a variety of tests and optimization techniques in 3DEXPERIENCE for automated tests that can be done with power. This enables in-depth analysis of alternative product designs that result in product reliability and performance, strength and quality, and minimization of risk.

A number of industrial applications will be showcased during the event including:

• Structural design and design research for Aerospace Cultural Design

• Water change simulation to improve product quality through simulation in the consumer goods industry

• Electromagnetic simulation for 5G communication for the Internet of objects for transport & mobile