Viewers are consuming video or program content via streaming and direct-to-consumer distribution more than ever. This change in consumer behavior caused a shift in how the Media & Entertainment industry operates and distributes content globally.

To keep up with demands, the Media & Entertainment industry technology is evolving. One of the biggest modernizations in the industry today is cloud migration and transformation.

Migrating to the cloud can help the worldwide availability of Media & Entertainment content and improve user experience. Utilizing cloud solutions allows Media & Entertainment companies to scale their infrastructure to meet usage demands.

Adapting and scaling infrastructure is critical when a new show is released on a streaming platform and more eyes are on the content. Cloud migration and transformation are not without their challenges.

The complexity and mix of Media & Entertainment content deployment strategies can leave gaps in content coverage and technical knowledge. Content and user security are vital for streaming platforms and production studios and maintaining both is a challenge.

Industry leaders have found that using cloud marketplaces has helped to address these challenges. Join us to hear experts Ant Media, and Conductor talk about using cloud technology from Marketplace to address Media & Entertainment trends and challenges.