Music Imbizo is an international fair with exhibitions, as well as a series of music and film programs that are held annually in Durban (South Africa) during the last week of August.

This conference brings together the music industry leaders under one roof to create an exciting new shape for the music industry on the continent (Africa). It is a platform to exhibit, network, and share experience, and knowledge, as well as practice across the continent.

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Imbizo Music is a fast-growing international music business conference, held annually in Durban, South Africa. The conference brings together music industry leaders under one roof to show the way forward for the music industry on the continent – of Africa. It is a platform for exhibiting, networking and sharing art and knowledge. Over the years, he has supported celebrities such as Prof. Joseph Shabalala (Ladysmith Black Mambazo – South Africa), Madala Kunene (Musician – South Africa), and Sibongile Khumalo (Musician – South Africa), and Seymour Stein (Vice President: Warner Bros, USA). The USA) and many more. Imbizo’s vision of music is to help create a well-organized, sustainable and successful music industry within the continent, where its performers are well known and have a global idea of inputs outside of the playing business.