Gamer-Changer for Gaming Generation

GamerHash is a fully functional platform, launched in November 2017, with over 430.000 registered users worldwide. There are three integral parts to the GamerHash ecosystem – the application, web platform & mobile app. The primary purpose of the forum is to reward users for sharing excess computing power.

Only when desktops or laptops are used for playing graphically-demanding games (e.g. Control or Call of Duty Modern Warfare) or compute-intensive applications, do they use almost 100% of the potential. Still, it is important to know that an average user on uses 15% of their available computing power.

Currently, the remaining idle power can be used GamerHash for cryptocurrency mining, hence the connection to blockchain; in the future, since the demand for computing power is on the rise, new ways of monetizing the power will be offered – like selling it to research institutions or saving the world.