One of the greatest footballers the world has ever seen is the charming Portuguese international. The athlete that enjoys a large global fan base has done practically everything that previous industry leaders have failed to accomplish, and that too quickly.

He has amazing talent, and I have especially anticipated that he will play for India because of the way that he is constantly involved in controversy, which is ideal for the Indian sporting environment.

I’d like to point out a few things that would have occurred had he even joined the Indian National Team:

The national team’s magic has already begun to be waived by the blue jersey’s shining star. As time goes on, he will likely surpass Sachin Tendulkar in popularity (but still far behind Rajnikanth).

Football has captured everyone’s interest as they have all turned away from cricket. To boost the TRP of their shows, the media has gathered everyone together to find out what Ronaldo is trying to accomplish. Following is a list of some of the possible series of events:

Bipasha Basu and Cristiano Ronaldo have collaborated: If any sports stars are well-liked in India, they must eventually be connected to a Bollywood celebrity.

Because Cristiano Ronaldo and Bipasha Basu have already been linked, my hypothetical scenario is ideal for developing this relationship.

Instead of Cristiano Ronaldo or Bipasha Basu, the media would have been eager to publish John Abraham’s comments, and those remarks would have been utilized as fuel for stories to be developed.

A reality program featuring Cristiano Ronaldo:  The television producers would have taken advantage of this chance to raise the TRP of their channel and would have created a reality show called “Is Jungle Se Mujhe bachao” in which the player will live in a forest house for about two months during which time he will be photographed bathing in only his underwear.

The producers would have used that video to promote the show and the channel. His absence from the training sessions, as a result, would have been another consequence of this, and it would have generated controversy once more.

A protest featuring Congress and Cristiano Ronaldo: One has all the necessary traits to become a politician in India if they are well-liked and frequently involved in controversy.

Then he would have been a member of a political party immediately, and in a speech, he would have stated, “In his boyhood, he never had a ground to play on, but when congress came to the rule he received a football ground and that is why he has achieved these heights now.” To vote for congress, he would have urged the masses.

The birth of Cristiano Ronaldo’s child: A great uproar was recently caused in the media when it was revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo had become a parent.

Thus, I decided to include this in my hypothetical scenario. One automatically encounters opposition and criticism when joining a political party.

Finding the mother of the child would have been the subject of a special news segment. They would bring a tarot card reader on that special program to give her forecasts on this.

There would have been a nationwide strike for a day if the other political parties had declared it to be against Indian culture, destroyed his images, and labeled it as such.

Cristiano hangs his boots at the conclusion: It must have seemed funny, but this is how things work in India. This post wasn’t written to highlight India’s negative aspects.

This served as a preemptive warning to all Indian football players, who are all eager to experience fame and money, as well as to the Indian populace, urging them to have a wider perspective on the sport and its participants.

Everyone has been quite complimentary of the Indian squad after their amazing victory over Vietnam. There are now 225 likes and 123 comments on news stories on Indian football on Facebook, demonstrating the growing popularity of the sport.

This makes it quite clear that football is becoming more and more popular in India. Although it was stated that “growth in power increases the duty,” this seems to be a good indication.

The players must be prepared to deal with the issue of always being scrutinized and try to set trends for the public. Such obstacles and a reversal of course shouldn’t occur in a game that is progressing properly. Although the major goal of this piece was to advance football in India, I sincerely regret if it offended anyone.