The race broke out Monday night for the five Emmy Award nominees Michael K. Williams, stars of “Wire” and “Lovecraft Country,” according to news of his death.

The actor, best known for his work as Omar Little in HBO’s “Wire,” a Baltimore-based film about crime and corruption, appeared on HBO series including “Lovecraft Country,” “Boardwalk Empire” and “Night. In”. His supporting roles include “12 Year Slave”, “Gone Baby Gone” and “Vice Inherent”.

Williams wasted no time discussing important issues or highlighting the worst moments of his life in interviews.

It would have been a big problem for me … this character to make me feel even better, just me – I use instead of mine.

Hollywood filmmakers took to social media Monday to share their tribute and remember Williams’ illustration of the “beautiful soul” that he was.

Niecy Nash took to Instagram to honor her colleague “When They Saw Us”, writing: “You are a beautiful soul, a happy spirit and a good time … the talent is immeasurable.”

“Thank you for the many times we switched power and made me feel like family,” she continued.

Leslie Jones thought about working with Williams on the 2016 “Ghostbusters” on Instagram, and wrote, “This guy won’t lie to me (explaining)!” Michael K Williams is a strong man. I’m cool so much that we did ghostbusters and we connected on so many levels!! “

Spike Lee shared a photo of her with Williams and wrote that “it was a difficult day.”

Here he goes. “Our greats leave us left and right. God bless you.”

Mariah Carey took to Twitter to share that she would always miss Williams.

“Thank you for using his talents to bless us.”

Ava DuVernay, “When They Saw Us,” shared a series of photos of the deceased actor, some from the Netflix limited series.

“To make us happy. To enter the king that you are. Just for the fire to give a little love, then go.”

He continued: “I remember you sending me your photos when you were a kid and telling me that the guys our story is about is your show, we will do well. Movie on the beach alone and talking to them about what I couldn’t – for being a young man, a black man in New York at that time – and thank you… Ị you inspired Me., my dear brother, I know very well. You are a true love – don’t go now, but don’t forget. “

Wendell Pierce, known as Detective William “Bunk” Moreland, paid tribute to his former colleague on Twitter, sharing that “the depth of my love for this brother can be matched by the depth of my pain in knowing death.”

Pierce added that the HBO show “Gathered” with “Omar & Bunk Immortality and” The Movie “on the park bench. But for us, we intend to take that time together and talk about black men ourselves, inside and between us. “