A sizable bequest was left to Pamela Anderson by her ex-husband, Jon Peters, in his will. After just 12 days of being married to Jon Peters, Pamela filed for divorce in 2020.

Pamela emphasized that she had never officially wed Jon in a tweet regarding the breakdown of their relationship, and she added that she meant it with “no bitter emotions.”

Jon stated he had $10 million extra in his estate during a recent interview. A Star Is Born, Batman, and Man of Steel—all critically acclaimed Hollywood movies—were all made by Jon.

Pamela recently said in an interview that Jon Peters had “a big effect” on her life and that she will always admire him. In a recent interview with Variety, Jon also spoke about Pamela and made the following remarks: “A particular place in my heart will always be reserved for Pamela.

She received $10 million from me in my bequest. She doesn’t know anything about this. Nobody knows that, though. It’s only with you that I’m just now expressing it. I may not have to mention that.

She is responsible for it, whether she needs aid or not.” Before starting a relationship with Jon, Pamela had romances with Rick Salomon, Kid Rock, and Tommy Lee.

The tumultuous relationship she had with Tommy Lee, which notably includes the divisive sex video, was shown in Pam and Tommy on Hulu. Lily James portrayed the role of Pamela Anderson, while Sebastian Stan played her former partner Tommy Lee.

Ten Emmy nominations for the program were obtained the year before. Later, Pamela criticized the program for trying to capitalize on an event in her life that had been challenging for her.

The Netflix documentary Pamela, a love tale will be our next opportunity to view Pamela. Her memoir Love, Pamela comes out on the same day.