Gina Mckee, who plays the lead in My Policeman with Harry Styles, discusses how she and Emma Corrin used Zoom to discuss how to portray the same character at two different times.

Release of the romantic drama My Policeman, based on the best-selling book by Bethan Roberts, is imminent. The story examines the lives of three individuals and the effects of their decisions in two distinct timeframes.

Gina McKee, one of the movie’s actors, discussed her motivation for taking on the role and how she and Emma Corrin worked together during lockdowns to play the same character in many eras.

Harry Styles plays a bisexual police officer in the 1950s British film My Policeman who must choose between his love for his paramour and his loyalty to his wife (Emma Corrin) (David Dawson). Linus Roache, Gina McKee, and Rupert Everett successively play the elder versions of the same characters.

When asked about what drew her to the project, Gina said, “When I read the screenplay, the thing that attracted me to the project was that you have this whole triangle of people who meet when they are young and the choices and decisions they make link them forever and quite profoundly shape their lives.

The choice to bring these three individuals together to confront their pasts is a highly intriguing factor to investigate.

Gina and the other performers in a book-to-screen adaptation had the benefit of reading both books to have a better understanding of their roles. You must condense if you ever plan to turn any book into a movie. It’s a good thing the distillation here was done nicely for us. I thus believed that the story’s core was solidly in place.

However, reading about initiatives and research is always intriguing because occasionally you discover information that supports your gut feeling. Details that are useful can be found.

But probably the most challenging aspect of filming My Policeman was that it took place at the height of the Covid epidemic in Europe.

The actors performing the same parts couldn’t get together to discuss them due to Covid procedures in place. Gina elaborated on their approach, stating, “We had to handle it in an unconventional way since we shot this in 2021 so there were Covid guidelines in place.

“So, we chatted on the phone and using Zoom. The 1950s stuff was filmed first, so I was really lucky to have three or four sequences that Emma had previously shot that I could view and study for context.

Following its October screenings at the Adelaide Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, Michael Grandage’s film My Policeman has earned acclaim from reviewers. It will debut on Prime Video on November 4.